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Belle's Place
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"Shared pain is lessened;
Shared joy is increased."

Just as when Jake Stonebender opened Mary's Place he made the caveat that it was not Callahan's, so I will make the same caveat here. This is not Callahan's--but I'm hoping that it will be as close as one can get.

I got a lot of encouragement from those who were or are denizens of the alt.callahans newsgroup to open the doors here, and I expect them to be hanging around and coming to chat. If you're new, they'll take care of you--and you couldn't be in better hands, I assure you.

All of Mike's rules apply here, and all of his intent is in place. This is a place to be merry--it's also a place to share your pain, but there will be no prying. Tell us about it if you care to...but if you just want to sit and ponder, you can do that, too--without anyone judging you or offering you unwanted advice.

We are bar patrons, and the closest we'll get to psychoanalyzing you is to, if invited, share our own experiences and anecdotes, in the hope that you will feel celebrated with in your triumphs and supported and not quite so alone in your troubles.

Come on in. Open a rant, spend some time in a danger room, hang out in the hot tub, have a drink or two. Put a buck on the bar, walk up to the chalk line and propose a toast, and smash the hell out of your glass into the fireplace. You'll be offered many BOYC's (beverages of your choice), and you can buy a BOYC for others as well.

You can come in and talk to other folks, or you can just sit and talk to Mike Jr. (the bartender).

Third person writing is welcome and expected.

About moderation: This is an unmoderated community. Yeah, I opened the jernt, but that doesn't immediately put me in Nanny shoes. You're all grown-ups, and you all know the rules here. There will be no judgment, there will be no violence, and there will be no disrespect shown to any patron--and I have every confidence that if you are old enough to order a drink, you are old enough to know how to behave. In the meantime, I will encourage all good patrons here to keep the place safe and use your best judgement if you see a violation...


So what'll it be? The bar is open, and there is fun to be had...

This journal is dedicated to Spider Robinson, all Callahanians everywhere, and to one of the best bartenders I ever had the pleasure to meet--Ronnie, owner and proprietor of the best little sex shop in the Klein Karoo, South Africa...