glabrous1 (glabrous1) wrote in belles_place,

sadly quiet

The bald guy wanders into The Place, looking more'n a bit morose... "The silence outside is deafening." Noting the mildly puzzling looks he's getting, he continues... "In one lousy week, four wonderful voice actors have left us; hopefully for comfier gigs:
Frank Gorshin, so much more than the Riddler, a consumate impressionist and singer; Henry Corden, Fred Flintstone's second voice, but with a career that spanned radio thru the present; Howard Morris, from Sid Caesar to Andy Griffith to Hanna-Barbera to Mel Brooks; Thurl Ravenscroft, Tony the Tiger, balladeer of the Grinch and a fair piece of Disneyland... giants all..."

He ambles up to the chalk line and, downing his Maker's Mark flings his glass and an old microphone... "For making my ears smile!"

and in case I've been remiss, thanks Belle- nice joint ya got here... appreciate it muchly.
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